DCB On The Go Customer Guide

Dear DCB Customer,

For customers and DCB alike, mobile banking is an exciting new banking channel. It offers amazing convenience with all the privacy of banking. As a customer you will certainly have questions about how to use mobile banking from your cell phone.

The Customer Guide has been prepared to answer important questions that you might have. It attempts to cover largely topics that will help understand the basics of mobile banking. Customers will need to assess their needs and requirements as well as consider all aspects of mobile banking to come to a decision.

Enjoy banking on the move. Welcome to the world of DCB Mobile Banking.

What is DCB Mobile Banking? Why should I apply for it?

DCB Mobile Banking is a service that enables banking anywhere anytime, through your mobile phone.
Enjoy banking at your fingertips with instant access your savings and current accounts. Instant fund transfer, view account transactions, request new cheque book and stop cheque request – imagine all this from your mobile phone.

Is DCB Mobile Banking different from mobile alerts?

Yes indeed! DCB Mobile Banking gives you much more than mobile alerts. For starters you can send and receive money; it is a whole new way of banking.
Mobile alert is a SMS service where DCB updates you on account activity. These SMSs are sent whenever an event occurs in you account.

Do I need DCB Mobile Banking?

DCB Mobile Banking is quick and convenient. You can carry out basic banking activities directly from your mobile phone. DCB Mobile Banking is compatible with GSM mobile phones and works on both GPRS and SMS channels.

Can I avail of DCB Mobile Banking facility?

Certainly, Mobile Banking is offered to ‘Resident Individuals’ and Sole Proprietary concerns’ with mode of operation ‘Self and/or Either/ Survivor’. To apply, kindly visit the nearest DCB branch. Click here view DCB branch list

I am not a DCB customer yet I want DCB Mobile Banking!

Great! You will need to have an account with DCB to avail the service.
We will be happy to open your account with DCB. To apply, kindly visit the nearest DCB branch. Click here view DCB branch list

Do you charge for this service?

DCB Mobile Banking service is currently offered free of cost to DCB customers.

What are the various features offered by DCB Mobile Banking?

DCB Mobile Banking offers a variety of features to make banking convenient.

It gives instant access to your:
A) Savings Account
B) Current Account

Here are the features of DCB Mobile Banking

  • Transfer funds to DCB as well as non-DCB accounts in India
  • Access account statement online
  • Mini-statements and checking of account history
  • Request for cheque book
  • Know your cheque status
  • Stop cheque

Can I transfer funds instantly?

Absolutely, through IMPS funds can be transferred instantly. Transfer funds to DCB accounts or non DCB accounts.

Is there any limit on financial transactions?

RBI has allowed customers to make financial transactions up to Rs. 50,000/- per day (In case of SMS the limit is Rs. 1000/- per day). Development Credit Bank Ltd. may, at its sole discretion, increase or decrease the limit within the RBI limit as applicable.

I have a CDMA phone, can I use mobile banking?

DCB Mobile Banking is enabled for GSM mobile phones.

How does it work?

DCB Mobile Banking is available through GPRS, J2ME via GPRS, J2ME via SMS and SMS.

What if my phone is not JAVA enabled?

You can still access the GPRS (browser based) mobile banking channel from your phone's browser.

Can I start using DCB Mobile Banking…now!

To avail DCB Mobile Banking service you first need to apply for it. This can be done at the nearest DCB branch. Also, your mobile phone should be compatible with the mobile banking channel/s

  • GPRS connectivity and a mobile web browser to access GPRS channel.
  • GPRS connectivity and J2ME supported mobile to download the software application and use this channel.

How can I register for it?

The service is offered to DCB customers. Kindly visit the nearest branch to register. You will be required to carry identity proof (PAN card, passport, voter ID) to complete the registration process.

A temporary mobile banking or MPIN will be sent on the registered mobile number within 5 working days.

You can also get yourself registered for the service by clicking the link of DCB On The Go given in Personal Internet Banking. Registration for the service can also be done through DCB 24 Hour Customer Care 32811322 or 1800 209 5363 or by sending SMS (DCBGO) to 5626360 if you are already registered for SMS Alerts.

Kindly note this facility is currently not available for NRI customers

Can I access DCB Mobile Banking when I am abroad?

You cannot use the service when you are traveling abroad.

Will it be okay if I change my mobile phone number?

If your mobile number has changed, immediately inform DCB. You will have to submit a fresh mobile banking request.

What should I do if I get stuck?

Kindly contact DCB 24 Hour Customer Care on 32811322 or 1800 209 5363 we’ll be delighted to assist.

The DCB website www.dcbbank.com has a mobile banking option, what do I use it for?

It is your self help link. Log on https://mb.dcbbank.com/DCBCustomer and you can customise preferences!

  • Change MPIN
  • Know My MMID (for real time fund transfer)
  • Create beneficiary (for fund transfer)
  • Service configuration – you can select services and options you want to avail
  • Account nickname – you can set you own code of alphabets or name for identifying accounts under your customer ID. Easier than remembering account numbers!

What is MPIN?

Temporary Mobile Banking PIN (MPIN) will be sent on the registered mobile number that you have registered with DCB. Once you receive the temporary PIN, log on https://mb.dcbbank.com/DCBCustomer and change your temporary PIN.

What if I forget my MPIN or User ID is locked?

You can call DCB 24 Hour Customer Care on 32811322 or 1800 209 5363. MPIN will be re-generated after proper verification and you will receive the MPIN through SMS instantly.

What is MMID and do I need it?

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a safety feature. The Bank will assign a Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) that is a unique 7 digit number linked to the account registered for mobile banking. The customer can select the account using the assigned MMID.

Can the MMID be changed?

Yes, the MMID can be deleted and re-generated through the Mobile Banking web page https://mb.dcbbank.com/DCBCustomer or by calling DCB 24 Hour Customer Care 32811322 or 1800 209 5363

How do I use the nicknames while adding/creating beneficiary for fund transfer?

For having ease in transacting you can name any beneficiary you add with add nickname. The nickname can be alphanumeric and special characters can also be used to the extent of 6 characters.

What you mean by Account Nickname, how is it used?

If you are having multiple accounts with DCB and you do not wish to remember all the account numbers while transacting through mobile banking, then you can name your accounts as per your liking with certain nicknames. The nickname can be alphanumeric to the extent of 16 characters (no special characters will be acceptable).

Where all can I use account nicknames?

A) You can use it for SMS Channel. For e.g. to know your account balance for account, the nickname of which is AAAA, you would be required to text “BAL AAAA” and send it to the given number of DCB.
B) For GPRS, J2ME channel you can use it for all transactions

DCB Mobile Banking through the SMS Channel

What is the SMS channel ?

SMS channel offers mobile banking through “Push” and “Pull” SMS alert service to DCB customers. You can get account information such as mini statement, balance enquiry, cheque book amongst updates. The SMS number for this service is 9223172992.

What is the difference between SMS alerts and SMS channel in mobile banking?

SMS alerts keeps you updated about the significant transactions that have taken place in your account(s). For example you can receive SMS account balance alerts (daily, weekly or monthly) or get an alert whenever any debit or credit transaction(s) happen in your account for the configurable amount.

SMS through mobile banking lets you check the account balance or last few transactions by just sending a SMS to 9223172992.

How can I apply for the SMS channel?

To apply, kindly visit the nearest DCB branch. Click here view DCB branch list

On which phones will this service work?

It works on all GSM mobile phones that support SMS technology.

Are all DCB customers eligible to apply for this service?

Only individual account holders can avail DCB Mobile Banking service

Do I need a PIN to use the service?

No PIN is required for this facility.

What services do you offer?

There is a lot that can be done; here is the list of transactions.

Balance enquiry

  • Request for Statement of Account(s)
  • Request for cheque book
  • Cheque status enquiry
  • Stop payment of cheque
  • Mini account statement
  • Fund transfer from DCB to DCB accounts (own accounts)

What message should I send to transact?

Please us the below mentioned codes to transact:

Transaction Instructions for
Primary account
Instructions for
Secondary account
Balance Enquiry BAL BAL followed by Account number
Statement of Accounts Request STMT STMT followed by Account number
Stop Payment of Cheque STOP followed by cheque number to be stopped STOP followed by A/c number and cheque number
Cheque Status Enquiry STAT followed by cheque number to be stopped STAT followed by A/c number. and cheque number
Cheque Book Request CHQBOOK CHQBOOK followed by Account number
Mini Statement MNSTMT MNSTMT number
Fund Transfer (DCB to DCB, own accounts) Not Valid FTO to
Help H H

DCB Mobile Banking through J2ME Channel

What is J2ME?

Through Java enabled cell phones customers can get account information, do fund transfers and mobile commerce.

What is the difference between J2ME & GPRS?

J2ME channel for mobile banking GPRS channel for mobile banking
The J2ME application/ software has to be downloaded to the mobile. The GPRS channel can be accessed from the mobile phone browser to transact.
J2ME is Java technology that must be compatible with the mobile. Mobile browser support is required in the mobile phone to access mobile banking.
The mobile service operator has to provide connectivity for J2ME via GPRS. For J2ME via SMS, any Java compatible mobile phone with SMS feature is fine. The mobile phone requires GPRS connectivity from the service operator.

Does my phone support this service?

Your phone has to be JAVA enabled. The mobile phone should support MIDP 2.0

Is my phone Java enabled?

Kindly check with your mobile service provider or log on to your mobile manufacturer website and check the phone features.

How do I know if my mobile phone has Internet access?

Contact your mobile service provider to confirm that your phone has Internet access. Your service provider may charge a fee for the service; ensure that you ask for details on fees and charges.

What services do you offer in this channel?

  • Balance enquiry
  • Request for Statement of Account(s)
  • Request for cheque book
  • Cheque status enquiry
  • Stop payment of cheque
  • Mini statement
  • Change MPIN
  • Fund transfer from DCB to DCB account (own accounts)
  • Fund transfer from DCB to DCB (third party)
  • Fund transfer from DCB to non-DCB account (IMPS real time)

Will I be charged for using J2ME channel?

This service is offered free of cost to DCB customers.

Do I need a special access code or PIN?

Yes, a mobile banking PIN (MPIN) will have to be used for this service.

How do I use the J2ME channel?

J2ME Login Process
1. Download and install J2ME Mobile application in the handset
2. Execute the J2ME application from handset
3. The J2ME Mobile Banking application displays the login screen
4. User is required to provide the Userid and Password to get access to Mobile Banking offered by DCB.

J2ME Logout Process
1. The successful logged in user can avail the bank services
2. The user can select the ‘Sign out’ menu item to logout from main menu.

What if my phone disconnects/ is switched off/ battery runs out while transacting?

You can simply connect again to J2ME Mobile Banking and verify your transaction history to check if the transaction has been successfully executed.

What if I get a SMS or a call while performing a transaction?

On most handsets, you can answer the call or read the SMS while J2ME Mobile Banking continues to run in the background. After you have finished your call, you can resume banking on J2ME. For certain handsets however, you may need to re-open the J2ME link and re-login.

What if I change my mobile phone?

You need to inform DCB when you change the mobile and request to reactivate the J2ME software application. You will have to download the J2ME software/ application on your new phone. Follow the easy download instructions.

What if I change my mobile phone number?

Please call as soon as you change your mobile number. DCB has to update the details and you will have to re-register for the mobile banking service.

How do I get J2ME on my phone?

You will request for mobile banking registration at any DCB branch. After the Bank has registered you, an SMS will be sent on your mobile.

Here is how the registration process works.
Step - 1 You will receive an SMS from the Bank to download J2ME on the phone
Step - 2 Click on the link in the message.
Step - 3 A web page will prompt you to click on the link to download J2ME. Once J2ME download is done, start using mobile banking.

What are the ways of downloading?

J2ME can be downloaded only through the link that is send by the SMS. It is specific to your mobile phone request and can’t be shared with anyone.

While downloading, I get a message saying "Un-trusted Application". What should I do?

Step - 1 You will receive an SMS from the Bank to download J2ME.
Step - 2 Click on the link in the message.
Step - 3 A web page will prompt you to click on link to download.
Step - 4 J2ME starts downloading on your mobile phone.
Step - 5 The message 'Application Untrusted, Continue?' will appear...choose 'Yes' and continue.
Step - 6 You will be prompted to choose Phone Memory or Mobile Memory for installing the application. Choose as per your choice and click 'OK'.
Step - 7 J2ME will be installed automatically and a DCB Mobile Banking symbol/ icon will appear in the Applications or Games menu depending on your phone model.

Where will J2ME mobile banking application get downloaded on my phone?

The downloaded applications are stored in a particular folder of the handset, specific to each device. Typically it should reside either in the Applications or Games folder of your phone.

What if I delete/ uninstall J2ME from my mobile phone?

You need to re-download the application on your mobile. Please follow the download process and continue banking.

How do I activate J2ME?

Click on the J2ME symbol/icon. Enter user id and MPIN (user id and MPIN would have been sent to you via SMS). Follow the screen menus. You will receive a flash SMS on your mobile phone with the One Time Password (OTP). Note the OTP and enter it on the mobile screen.

How quickly will you activate J2ME?

This depends on your mobile service operator.

Can I change my MPIN for mobile banking?

Yes, once activated you can change the MPIN.

I have forgotten my MPIN…

You are allowed 3 attempts to input MPIN after which it gets locked. You will have to unlock it by contacting DCB 24 Hour Customer Care on 32811322 (local call) or 1800 209 5363. This is one of the many security features.

How do I unlock J2ME?

Please follow this procedure:
1. Contact DCB 24 Hour Customer Care on 32811322 (local call) or 1800 209 5363 and request unlocking.
2. Please provide the required information for verification.
3. After verification DCB will send a temporary PIN on your registered cell phone number.

I have lost my mobile!!

We are sorry to hear about your lost mobile. Here is what you should do.
1. Contact DCB 24 Hour Customer Care on 32811322 (local call) or 1800 209 5363.
2. Provide details for verification of your identity.
3. Request blocking J2ME.
4. You can download the same application once again, on your new mobile.
5. Don’t forget to call your mobile service operator!

Can anyone else use my phone’s J2ME?

Only your user ID and MPIN can be used on your phone. It does not allow other users to login with their user ID/ MPIN.

What are the channels available for mobile banking through J2ME?

You can use the GPRS or SMS channels using J2ME to carry out banking transactions.

DCB Mobile Banking using GPRS Channel

What is GPRS?

The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a new non-voice value added service that allows mobiles to be used for sending and receiving data over an Internet Protocol (IP) based network. GPRS as such is a data bearer that enables wireless access to data networks like the internet, enabling users to access e-mail and other internet applications using mobile phones.

With GPRS customers enjoy continuous wireless connection to data networks (internet) and access their favorite web sites, entertainment services and other web applications.

How secure is GPRS channel?

Customers enjoy a similar level of security that DCB has for other online banking services.
GPRS offers the security of a secure 128 bit encrypted connection to ensure that transactions are protected.

What kinds of transactions are possible using GPRS?

  • Services
  • Enquiries
  • Requests
  • Payments

Do I need a special Access Code or PIN?

Yes, a mobile banking PIN (MPIN) will have to be used for this service.

What if my phone disconnects by itself/ is switched off/ battery runs out while transacting?

All banking transactions that you made before the phone battery discharged should have gone through. To check that the last transaction made has gone through, you will have to sign on to GPRS after the phone is recharged or switched on. Check the account balance and the record of the last transaction made.

What if the mobile banking service is disrupted while I'm transacting via the phone?

It is designed to cope with a large number of users and has a back-up system. However, in exceptional circumstances, it may be unavailable while you're using the system. Once it is up and running again, sign on and check your account balance and the record of the last transaction made.

DCB Mobile Banking using Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) Channel

What is IMPS?

Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant interbank fund transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS lets customers use their mobile phone as a channel for accessing their bank accounts and remitting funds.

Is this service approved by the Reserve Bank of India?

The Reserve Bank of India has approved IMPS.

Which system does this service use?

IMPS is managed by the National Financial Switch of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a Government of India entity which is also used for routing ATM transactions in India.

Do I need to have a bank account for availing IMPS?

Yes indeed you need to have a DCB account.

What services do you offer under IMPS?

You can receive or transfer funds instantly on the mobile phone.

How does the beneficiary receive or accept the fund transfer?

The beneficiary to whom you intent to transfer funds must also be registered for IMPS with their bank in India.

Do I need to register to remit funds through IMPS?

You do not need to separately register for IMPS. It is activated for you alongwith the SMS, GPRS/ J2ME registration process.

Can I link more than one account to the same mobile number?

You can link the same mobile number to more than one account subject to feasibility provided by the Bank.

If I have more than one account linked to my mobile number how do I select the account to pay from?

The Bank will assign a Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) that is a unique 7 digit number linked to the account registered for mobile banking. You have the flexibility to select the desired account using the assigned MMID.

What beneficiary details do I need to provide in order to make an IMPS remittance?

The beneficiary details required are:
A) Beneficiary’s mobile number
B) Beneficiary’s MMID

Are there any limits with respect to the amount for IMPS transactions?

This limit is defined by RBI in the Mobile Payment Guidelines issued to banks. Currently for encrypted messaging formats (J2ME & GPRS Channels) the limit is Rs. 50,000 per day per account and for unencrypted messaging formats (SMS Channel) the limit is Rs.1,000 per day per account.

What is the turn around time for fund transfer?

Fund transfer is real time for the banks which are part of the IMPS network. Turn around Time may vary in the event of a technical glitch, system malfunction or any other dependency that is beyond the control of the Bank.

DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking M commerce

What is M-commerce?

It stands for mobile commerce. Just as customers shop and book tickets online on the internet which is referred to as e commerce, the newest way to shop is on the cellphone. This is m commerce.

What does DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking M commerce offer?

DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking service is offered free for the Bank’s customers. DCB On the Go – M Commerce facility links your mobile phone to your existing bank account giving you the unmatched convenience and security of paying anywhere, anytime. Once registered for this free service, you can pay for online purchases, on your cellphone Here is what you can buy on the cellphone: Flight tickets Movie tickets Apparel Flowers, Books, Mobile phones! All payments are authorized by you with a secure 4-digit PIN ensuring complete control and security. I want to use DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking m commerce. All you need is a mobile phone and register for DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking with us.

Do I have to open a new DCB Bank account?

Not at all! You must be registered for DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking. Your mobile number has to be registered also. This is linked to your existing DCB Bank Account which will be used for payments.

Any specific type of mobile phone or software on the mobile phone?

Your existing mobile handset, even if it’s the most basic one can be used to avail this service on DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking. The phone should be JAVA enabled with basic GPRS connection.

So is this available with my mobile operator?

Absolutely, DCB On The Go m commerce option works across all operators offering a GSM connection. It does not require any special tariff plan or mobile operator registration.

How much can I spend?

Shopping on DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking has a maximum limit set at Rs. 50,000 per day, the minimum transaction amount is Rs. 5.

What is the advantage of using DCB On The Go – Instant Mobile Banking m commerce?

Convenience, with this service the mobile is your wallet. No wallet, no credit or debit card required anytime. You have the flexibility to use your mobile as your debit card You can transact securely Use it for online purchase such as movie tickets. Step by step menu lets you choose the show, seat category, time and movie hall on your mobile phone Payment happens instantly Access it anytime 24x7

Is my credit/ debit card detail required?

You do not need the credit or debit card. DCB On The Go is through the mobile phone.

How secure is the mobile transaction?

DCB On The Go Instant Mobile Banking m commerce is very secure. Payment is secure for many reasons: You never divulge card details, expiry date, CVV number etc. Every transaction has to be authorized by your 4-digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number) which is known only to you The MPIN needs to be sent only from your registered (registered with DCB Bank) mobile number and not any other mobile phone

What if I enter the wrong MPIN?

Don’t panic, you transaction will get declined. A fresh transaction will have to be done.

Is my MPIN confidential?

Absolutely, this is an auto generated MPIN from highly secure systems and is not known to any person other than the customer.

So how does one transact?

You need to log on to DCB On The Go - Instant Mobile Banking facility by using either the GPRS module or the application saved on your mobile phone (J2ME). Authentication happens with user ID and MPIN. Once logged in you would be required to select m commerce service and transact.

Where do the charges appear?

As your mobile number is mapped to your bank account, all charges are debited directly to your bank account.

I have a query, I need help, what do I do?

Contact us right away! We are open day and night, through the year. DCB Bank 24 - Hour Customer Care toll free1800 209 5363 or 32811322.